Robert Heist, Attorney and Corporate Leader in Illinois

Robert Heist - Experienced Business Law Attorney

An attorney focusing on matters such as product and professional liability, corporate governance, contract drafting, and employment practices, Robert Heist received his JD from the John Marshall Law School in 1989. Robert Heist started his career as an attorney with Hinshaw & Culbertson and later spent a combined seven years as a partner with two Illinois-based firms.

In 2001, Mr. Heist founded the business law firm R. Connor & Associates, which he continues to preside over today. In addition to leading the firm's day-to-day legal and marketing operations, he employs his organizational and strategic planning skills to direct case projects from initiation through trial.

Mr. Heist has continued to expand upon his business knowledge during his career. He completed the MBA program at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management, as well as multiple corporate director programs at Harvard Business School. Beyond his professional pursuits, he is an active supporter of the Appalachia Service Project and the founder of ASKHERE, Inc., which sponsors youth participating in extracurricular activities.